Proactively manage your disk storage.

Welcome to my website

This is a personal website that I use to promote my small business, Swooft Software, LLC and Swooft products.  Swooft Software, LLC is a Georgia Corporation headquartered in Atlanta Georgia and is a privately held technology firm that was established in May 2009. Swooft Software's owner is me, Ray Newman, a software professional with over 20 years experience managing the development of software products. Our mission is to provide high quality, highly productive, affordable software in a manner that distinguishes us from the competition and allows our customers to easily justify and select Swooft products.

Swooft Software's 1st product, DiskFerret is a disk space utilization tool that analyzes the files within a hard drive, network share, or folder, and provides charts and detailed information to help you understand where and how disk space is being used. A variety of interactive charts are provided that allow you to quickly drill down and isolate files based on different criteria such as largest folders and files, oldest files, duplicate files, files by owner, and more. Once you've located the unwanted files that are wasting disk space, DiskFerret provides the tools to delete them, or move them into a zip file. Take a tour of DiskFerret's features.

So no surprise, on this website I'm going to try to convince you that you need DiskFerret, that it will save you a lot of time, and it is worth buying. But I am also going to to provide useful information about the Windows file system and managing disk space.

Go ahead and download DiskFerret and give it a try for free for 30 days.  You have nothing to loose except fo the few minutes that it takes to download, install and try.